iVu Plus TG Overview [Video]


Welcome to the Banner video tutorial series.

This video was designed to help you become more familiar with the iVu Plus TG user interface.

Here we have a simple inspection set up to pass only if the Banner logo is complete and there are no scratches or marks below it.

When the inspection passes, we can see a green check in the upper left hand corner.

A red X indicates a failed inspection.

There are three versions of this home screen we can cycle between by clicking this button.

The first is with annotations, where tool results are overlayed onto the image in colored pixels.

The second is without annotations and allows for a clear view of the image.

The third is inspection results, where we get detailed information about our inspection.

Notice that the iVu is always running no matter which screen we're on.

Here we can see the color coded pass/fail status of each sensor that makes up the inspection.

Only when all sensors are green, does the overall inspection pass.

With another click, we cycle back around to the 'with annotations' view of the homescreen.

If you have any questions about screen you're on, click the Help icon in the upper right hand corner.

The wrench icon in the lower left hand corner brings us to the main menu.

Imager is where we tell the iVu how to take a good picture.

This menu includes settings, like exposure time and trigger mode.

System is where we set up the discrete I/O and communications parameters, among other things.

Through the Logs menu we access records of past inspections and system performance.

Inspection is where we set up and manage the up to 30 individual inspections we can store on the iVu Plus.

Thank you for watching this Banner video tutorial.

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