Q4X Analog Fill Level Measurement [Video]


The new Q4X Analog sensor by Banner Engineering can successfully solve a wide variety of applications including fill level measurements for liquids and solids.

By default, the analog Q4X sensor is set up for Two Point Teach.

For this application, the display Zero has been set to Far and the reference Shift option has been turned on. 

With these settings, the display measurement will be relative to the 0V top point.

In this example, the bottom of the bottle is set as a 0V signal and the top of the bottle will be a 10V signal.

To program the sensor in Two Point Teach mode, hold the teach button for two or more seconds.

Set 0V flashes - present an empty bottle as 0V condition and press select.

Set 10 V flashes - place the lid on the target and teach the 10V setting by pressing select again.

A distance flashes on the display, indicating the location of the 10V setting.

Knowing that the pills should be piled 60-70 mm high, the analog output can be used to determine whether to reject a bottle for being too empty or over-filled.

Depending on where the laser lands in between pills, the measurement from a typical laser sensor may vary by several millimeters and may result in incorrect pass/fail decision.

The Q4X comes with advanced measurement modes, including a remote trigger input. 

In this case, a Q3X sensor is being used to send an extended one-shot discrete output to tell the Q4X when to measure and for how long.

The Q4X will measure for a user-defined period of time and output a single analog output that reflects the average distance measured.

Use the new Q4X by Banner for your measurement application needs.


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