Q4X Dual Mode: Dual Distance + Intensity Window Demonstration [Video]


Introducing a new powerful teach mode now standard on the Q4X by Banner.

Dual window, or dual intensity plus distance window, allows the Q4X to solve new applications including clear object detection or error proofing applications where you want to detect not only that a part is present but also that it is the correct color.

Dual teach mode is now a standard mode in the Q4X sensor.

It can solve two types of new applications.

For clear or transparent object detection, present a steady reference target such as a metal machine frame, conveyor side rail or mounted plastic target.

Press the teach button for 2 or more seconds to begin dual teach mode.

Present a reference condition and click the button again to teach the reference condition.

The sensor learns this as a 100% match condition and will look for changes in distance, intensity or a second reflection condition.

The Q4X can reliable detect clear or transparent objects including vials, films and bottles.

The same teach mode that solves clear object applications can also solve a second type of application.

For error proofing applications, present a good part and the Q4X will look for changes in height and/or color.

For this example, a correctly seated spacer on an automotive speaker case is presented in front of the sensor and the teach button is pressed for two seconds.

After another click of the button, the Q4X learns this as the reference condition and looks for changes in either height or amount of returned light.

The Q4X can press the correctly seated spacer but reject a missing spacer, upside down spacer or two spacers stacked on top of each other.

The Q4X by Banner now solves new applications with dual window teach mode.

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