TL70 Modular Tower Light [Video]


Introducing the TL70 Modular Tower Light from Banner Engineering. The TL70 is another solution from the leader in lighting and indicators, designed to help you work smarter and efficiently with better visual management.

Banner engineered a better design using the latest technology and thoughful aesthetics. 

Unlike other indicators that use clear or colored lenses and dim bulbs, the TL70 uses a frosted lens and LED lights to deliver better, brighter status indication and a pure gray when off to avoid false indication from ambient light.

Additionally, LEDs use less power and last longer, meaning less time neeeded for service and maintenance.

The aesthetics of the TL70 are simple yet elegant, adding better indication to compliment the design of your machine.

To configure and assemble the TL70 set the light segment switch to assigned module position and stack.

Connect and twist the segments, then connect the quick disconnect cable.

Additional settings allow you to set the lights to flash and to change the tone of the audible segment.

Your assembled TL70 is rated IP65 to withstand most industrial environments.

TL70s are available in segments or preassembled to save you time ordering and assembling.

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TL70 Series 70mm Modular LED Tower Light Indicator
TL70 Series 70mm Modular LED Tower Light Indicator

Big, bright tower lights come preassembled or as modular segments for customized indication. Lights are gray when off to eliminate false indication.

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TL70 Modular LED Tower Light Segments
TL70 Modular LED Tower Light Segments

Segments for the TL70 tower light come in a variety of single color, multi-color, and audible modules. Combine up to 6 modules in one device.

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