Product Capabilities

What is your automation challenge? Whether your application requires advanced capabilities for detecting difficult targets or a rugged solution for high-pressure washdown environments, Banner can help you find the right solution. Browse our product capabilities below to find and compare products designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. 

  1. Banner Engineering offers a variety of smart sensors, controllers, and lighting products that help manufacturers increase productivity and make better, data-driven business decisions.

  2. Banner Engineering offers a variety of IO-Link sensors and lighting for industrial applications.

  3. The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control.

  4. Banner Engineering offers a wide variety of products that are rated IP69K and can withstand the wet atmosphere and high-pressure that washdowns typically introduce.

  5. Sensors designed and developed to detect transparent objects in hygienic, sanitary, or washdown environments and reliably solve a broad range of clear object detection applications.

  6. Banner Engineering offers a number of sensors, indicators, and wireless products that feature IS design for use in hazardous environments.

  7. In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) makes it easy to troubleshoot machine safety systems, prevent faults from occurring, and reduce downtime.

  8. Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) is a way to digitally represent an analog measurement value from a sensor. Banner Engineering’s Pulse Pro I/O technology simplifies the connection between the sensor and an indicator or controller. Pulse Pro I/O solves a wide variety of applications and localizes clear information for fast visibility and response.

  9. Data conversion just got easier. Our converters are slim, simple add-ons that seamlessly fit into your factory applications and perform whatever data conversion necessary to further optimize and centralize your processes.