Electric Vehicle Detection at Charging Stations

Detecting the presence of shared electric cars at a charging station

Application: Detecting the presence of shared electric cars at a charging station

Challenges: Outdoor environment and risk of vandalism

Solution: QT50R Series High Sensitivity Radar Sensor

Benefits: Not affected by weather conditions and can be installed inside the charging station

With the rise of shared electric car services in European cities, efficient recharging stations must be available to users. To prevent non-permitted vehicles from parking at these stations, a system is required to identify unauthorized vehicles and alert officers to their presence. Because the charging station is located in public areas, the system must not be vulnerable to vandalism.


Banner Engineering’s R-Gage radar sensor offers an ideal solution for the electric vehicle detection at recharge stations. When cars park at a charging station, Banner’s R-Gage radar sensor immediately detects the vehicle’s presence. If the car is not plugged into the charge station, a signal is sent to a central location, alerting authorities to remove the vehicle if necessary. 

The R-Gage can be embedded in the charging station, preventing vandalism. The R-Gage uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar to ensure reliable detection of moving or stationary vehicles. Unlike photoelectric or ultrasonic sensors, it is not affected by conditions such as wind, rain, fog, light, humidity and air temperature. This results in accurate detection in outdoor environments. The sensor also detects objects up to a specified distance, ignoring objects beyond the set point.

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