LED Indicators

Banner Engineering's LED indicators offer a wide variety of bright, highly visible models ranging from daylight visible to multiple colors in one device. Indicators have a rugged design for long-term use and require no additional protective box.

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Panel Mount LED Indicators
Panel Mount

8 mm to 30 mm diameter indicators for panel mount applications.

All-Purpose LED Indicators

50 mm diameter indicators for a wide range of applications.

High-Visibility LED Indicators

70 mm to 90 mm diameter indicators for high visibility from a distance.

Programmable Multicolor LED Indicators
Programmable Multicolor

New bolder, brighter status indication with simplified wiring.

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  1. K30 Pro Series 30 mm Programmable Multicolor Indicator

    Compact 30 mm indicator provides bolder, brighter status indication and offers seven color choices from just three inputs.

  2. K50 Pro Series 50 mm Programmable Multicolor Indicator

    Programmable all-purpose indicator in a 50 mm dome or flat window provides bolder, brighter status indication and are available with either Pro Editor software compatibility or IO-Link communication for additional versatility and customization.

  3. K50 Core Series 50 mm General Purpose LED Indicator

    Our most popular indicator light. The 50 mm general-purpose indicator is available in both AC and DC supply voltage.

  4. K30 Core Series 30 mm General Purpose LED Indicator

    Compact, 30 mm diameter, illuminated dome provides easy-to-see operator guidance.

  5. WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS®

    Combines brilliant, bright illumination and high-visibility indication. Linear models fully encased in shatterproof, chemically resistant housing. Rated IP69K for washdown.

  6. WLS28-2 Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS®

    WLS28-2 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS® combine brilliant, bright illumination and high-visibility indication in one light fixture designed for use in diverse applications and challenging environments.

  7. WLS15 Dual-Color LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS

    WLS15 Dual-Color LED strip light with EZ-STATUS® combines bright illumination and high-visibility indication in one low-profile light fixture designed for use in small-space workstation lighting and illumination applications or on mobile equipment.

  8. S22 Pro Series 22 mm Programmable Multicolor Panel Indicator

    22 mm Flush Mount Multicolor RGB Indicator with Seven Color Flashing Input Control and up to Fourteen Color Options.

  9. K70 Series 70 mm Illuminated Indicator Lights

    K70 Indicator Lights are large, 70 mm indicator lights that support up to five colors in a single light. They are bright, rugged, colored indicators that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

  10. K90 Series 90 mm Domed Indicators

    Large, 90 mm indicator lights provide extremely bright and uniform illumination from all directions and longer distances.

  11. K50 Series Beacon High-Intensity Indicators

    Extremely bright beacons lights for indoor/outdoor indicator applications. Available in strobing and rotating beacon light functions.

  12. K50L Series Daylight Visible Indicators

    Daylight visible AC- or DC-operated indicator lights for outdoor applications.

  13. K80L Series Segmented Indicators

    Banner's K80L segmented indicators have up to four individual segments that can be lighted separately or in combination for error-proofing and operator guidance applications.

  14. K50FL Series Flat Mount Domed Indicators

    Flat pack mounting allows the DC-operated K50FL indicators to be mounted on any flat surface.

  15. K80FL Series Flat Mount Indicators

    Large, multicolor indicator with bright, even lighting for simple status indication.

  16. K80L Series Flat Mount Domed Indicators

    Rugged, cost-effective, flat-mount indicators that provide easy-to-see operator guidance with a 50 mm dome.

  17. 80 mm Call Light: K80 Series

    Banner Engineering K80 Call Lights are portable, battery powered Andon lights that can be used where access to power is limited or unavailable.

  18. 90 mm Daylight Visible Indicators: K90 Series

    90 mm indicator lights provide greater visibility in areas with high levels of ambient light or direct sunlight.

  19. Barrel-Mount  Indicators: S18L Series

    These 18 mm general purpose indicator lights can be used on their own or as part of a panel; no enclosure necessary.

  20. S22 Core Series 22 mm Panel Mount Indicator

    Cost-effective DC-operated LED indicators for stand-alone use or as part of a panel no enclosure necessary. Available in one to three colors.

  21. Signal Lights: SP Series

    Signal Lights are pre-assembled indicators for signaling and traffic control, available with one, two, or three indicators.

  22. Linear Segmented Indicators: TL30F  Series

    The TL30F indicator LED tower light provides a multi-segment indicator light in a flat metal housing for simple mounting to horizontal or vertical surfaces of work centers or automation machinery.

  23. General Purpose Indicators: T8L Series

    The T8L Indicators have a low profile, ideal for simple panel mounting or use on a machine.

  24. General Purpose Indicators: T18 Series

    DC-operated general-purpose indicators in 18 mm T-style thermoplastic polyester housing.

  25. General Purpose Indicators: T30 Series

    The T30 Indicators have an 30 mm T-Style housing that is easy to install in a punched hole or directly on a machine.