Illumination at a Car Wash

Illumination at a Car Wash Image

Application: Provide bright lighting inside a car wash

Challenges: Environment is consitently warm and filled with moisture

Solution: Banner Engineering's WLS27 LED Strip Lights and M-Gage Q7LMEB Flat-Pak Sensors

Benefits: Lights are shatterproof, water-resistant, and completely sealed

A car wash can have multiple illumination needs, all of which are challenged by conditions at the facility. Moisture is ever present. Light fixtures will be regularly exposed to steam and mist, high-pressure, high-temperature water, soap and other cleaners, as well as hot wax. Weather and temperature extremes can compound these challenges. Light fixtures used in these conditions can have short lifespans and require frequent maintenance, draining labor and other resources and cutting into the operating time of a wash bay.


WLS27 LED strip lights provide brilliant, even illumination in difficult environments like this. Each light is protected against environmental challenges and corrosion by a shatterproof, water-resistant copolyester shell. A redundant sealing method prevents water ingress to achieve IEC IP66, IP67, and IP69K ratings. These cost-effective LED light strips will provide vivid, low-power, maintenance-free illumination throughout their 50,000 hour or more lifespan.

M-Gage Q7LMEB Flat-Pak sensors detect when a vehicle is present in a wash bay. A 430 mm dual-color, stand-alone WLS27 fixture is installed over the entrance to each wash bay. When a bay is free, the light will shine high-visibility green and when it is occupied it will shine brilliant bright red, providing clear, unambiguous indication of wash bay status.

Each bay is illuminated by eight single-color WLS27 fixtures. Overhead lighting is supplied by two stand-alone 1130 mm fixtures which direct vivid, cool white light down into the bay. Illumination along the sides of each bay is provided by 710 mm WLS27 light fixtures installed in groups of three into niches in-between the bays. These lights are cascaded together to reduce wiring complexity and their compact, low-profile further facilitates installation into the niches, reducing the overall time required for each deployment. These lights have dimming capabilities, which allow the facility to adjust the intensity of the lights. When a wash bay is vacant, the lights will dim for greater energy savings.

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