Indicating Checkout Lane Status in Grocery Stores

Indicating Checkout Lane Status in Grocery Stores Image


In large grocery stores with multiple checkout lanes, it’s helpful for customers to be able to easily identify which lanes are open, which are closed, and which are about to close. This will allow them to quickly choose a lane and speed up the checkout process. Easy identification of open lanes is also beneficial to cashiers and other employees, as it will help customers distribute themselves evenly across lanes and prevent long lines at one lane when other lanes are open.


CL50 Column Lights are mounted above each lane to indicate lane status. When the lane is open, the column light will turn green. When the lane is about to close, the light will turn red. When the lane is closed, the light will appear gray to eliminate false indication from ambient light.

Column lights are rugged, cost effective and highly visible from all angles. They come completely preassembled and preconfigured, saving time and money in the installation process, and multiple mounting options make them a versatile solution.

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CL50 Series 50 mm LED Column Lights
CL50 Series 50 mm LED Column Lights

Rugged, cost-effective, & easy-to-install multi-color indication in a single segment. No controller needed. 1-, 2- or 3-color models available.

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