Pallet Transfer Safeguarding

Pallet Transfer Safeguarding Image

Application: Protect operators from harm as full pallets are moved

Challenges: Must reliably cover a large area

Solution: AG4 safey laser scanner

Benefits: Horizontal guarding with a 190º scanning angle

In packaging applications, large boxes are placed on a pallet and shrink wrapped prior to being transferred for shipment. The main objective of safety applications is to protect operators while minimizing down time. Due to the dangers associated with a full pallet transfer, horizontal area guarding is needed in order to maximize productivity of packaging while protecting operators from the hazardous motion of a machine.


Banner’s AG4 Safety Laser Scanner offers a reliable safety solution for horizontal area guarding. With a 190º scanning angle, the AG4 covers a large area, which can be maximized by centering the scanner during installation. This can be any height for a 50 mm resolution, but should be mounted no lower than 300 mm for a 70 mm resolution.

The AG4 provides simple danger zone guarding and leg detection with the proper setup, creating a red Protective Field that initiates a complete shutdown if someone enters the field. Physically marking the area of the Protective Field is recommended in order to serve as an additional warning for individuals getting too close to the danger zone.

The AG4 Wizard software is used to configure the two-dimensional shapes that will outline the Protective Field. The software offers a pre-determined application for quick and easy setup, and can store up to seven user configurable fields. With the flexibility of the AG4, new safeguarding shapes are easy to store and create in case work cell dimensions and parameters change. For a field pair switchover, external logic can activate one of the eight field pairs that are stored in the safety laser scanner.

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AG4 Series Safety Laser Scanners
AG4 Series Safety Laser Scanners

Safety laser scanner protects personnel within user-defined area. Flexible protective & warning fields. Models available with 4 m or 6.25 m max range.

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