Dark Tray Detection on Checkweigh System

Dark Tray Detection on Checkweigher System Application Image

Application: Detecting food trays while positioned on a checkweighter

Challenges: Trays are made of dark plastic material

Solution: Q25 retroreflective sensor

Benefit: IP69-K sensor for washdown environments

Packaged foods are required to go through multiple inspections, and the washdown environments in which they are produced place unique demands on automation equipment.

For example, a high-speed checkweighing inspection system is used to analyze ready-to-eat meals for proper quantity, by precisely measuring the weight of each tray with its food content. As the filled trays pass down a conveyor, they pass over the checkweigher. When the tray is centered in position for weighing, a retroreflective sensor is positioned to sense its leading edge and trigger a diverter. The system will allow properly filled trays to proceed in the packaging process, and ejects underfilled or overfilled trays.

Dark Plastic, Consistent Sensing

The EZ-BEAM Q25 retroreflective sensor is ideal for this application. It emits a high-powered beam that will reliably detect any dark object that passes over the scale. If clear objects are to be detected, a Q25 polarized retroreflective model is used. With its IP69K-rated housing, the Q25 is designed to withstand the harsh washdowns required in food applications. Setup is easy; the Q25 has no adjustments. It features advanced diagnostics that warn of marginal sensing conditions due to an unclear lens, minimizing downtime.

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