Clear Container Detection in a Clean-in-Place Rotary Filler

Container Detection Application Image

Application: Track bottles as they move through the rotary filler

Challenges: Difficult to detect clear bottles in a harsh washdown clean-in-place filling system

Solution: Banner M25U stainless steel hygienically designed opposed mode ultrasonic 

Benefits: Banner M25U can detect any clear container and stand-up to harsh cleaning chemicals

As bottles travel though the rotary filling system, sensors track the bottles as they enter each stage of the process.   Accurate tracking prevents product spills and identifies potential jams in the filler.  A versatile sensor is needed that can accurately detect bottles in all shapes and colors and deliver flawless operation in a wet clean-in-place environment.


Traditional photoelectric sensors may burn through clear plastic or glass, giving inaccurate detection results. Banner’s M25U ultrasonic sensors are able to reliably detect objects, despite shape, color, or material, making them ideal solutions for detecting bottles.  The U-GAGE M25U ultrasonic sensor is a dual range/dual speed opposed mode sensor that sends pulses of sound waves from the emitter to the receiver – ideal for sensing clear objects or materials.  It detects the presence of a passing bottle when the pulse becomes blocked which allows for the items to be detected regardless of the color, shape, or size.

The M25U ultrasonic sensors feature smooth 316 series stainless steel construction to withstand the toughest sanitary environments. They are rated IP69K, IEC IP67 with fully encapsulated electronics, and are constructed of FDA approved materials. The sensors clean easily with no threads, gaps, or seams to trap debris. 

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M25U Series Stainless Steel IP69K Ultrasonic Sensor
M25U Series Stainless Steel IP69K Ultrasonic Sensor

Waterproof, stainless steel, ultrasonic sensors were purpose-built to deliver flawless operation in food processing and other sanitary industries.

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