Detecting Transparent Bottles in a Washdown Environment

Line Pressure Monitoring of Clear Bottles Image

Application: Regulating line pressure by monitoring clear bottles

Challenges: Clear object detection and a fast paced environment

Solution: The Q4X Clear Object Detection Sensor

Benefits: Detects clear and transparent objects without a reflector and has a quick response time

When bottles on a conveyor are touching and being transported during accumulation, the force of the conveyor is multiplied by the number of bottles and line pressure is generated. The stored energy in the line pressure can result in the damage and loss of product which creates unnecessary expenses and downtime. Therefore, regulating the line pressure on beverage filling lines is very important. A sensor is needed that is able to detect clear or shiny objects and allow them to pass by but send a signal to the control as they start to accumulate. This signal is used upstream to delay the introduction of more containers until the bottles are flowing again.


Banner Engineering’s new Q4X laser clear object detection sensor is able to detect clear objects without the use of a reflector. It is simply taught to a stable background. It makes a decision on the presence of a target based on both distance and intensity for reliable detection of challenging targets such as bottles and cans. Eliminating a reflector in a washdown area also eliminates a potential point of failure. The sensor has integral on/off delays that can be used to ignore bottles that are passing by, but send a signal if a bottle is still or if accumulation is taking place.

The Q4X COD laser sensor can reliably detect a wider range of transparent objects and is made with sealed IP69K-rated stainless steel housing, making it a fitting choice for the beverage industry.

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