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Pick-to-light devices and systems help industrial automation manufacturers reduce the risk of error in the assembly process, boosting product quality and reducing cost.

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Capacitive Touch Button Pick-to-Light Selection
Capacitive Touch Buttons

Confirm picks without force, just contact with the surface.

Non-Contact Pick-to-Light Point and Array Selection
Non-Contact Points and Arrays

Optical sensor automatically verifies picks and picking sequences.

Pick-to-Light Push Button Selection
Push Buttons

Require physical force to confirm picks and provide tactile feedback.

Pick-to-Light Systems
Pick-to-Light Systems

Pick-to-light solutions can be used to indicate the number of parts to pick and proper pick order. These solutions make manual picking processes faster and more accurate in a wide variety of applications including assembly, kitting, and order fulfillment.

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  1. K30 Pro series has expanded to include IO-Link and PICK-IQ models of the 30 mm programmable pick-to-light touch button.

  2. PTL110 pick-to-light devices are flexible and scalable to a wide variety of applications. With fast response times and flexible installation options, PTL110 systems improve speed, productivity, and quality in picking, kitting and related applications.

  3. The K50 Pro programmable multicolor touch button provides unique indication and is compatible with the Pro Editor software. The K50 Pro touch buttons are rugged for actuation in various environments.

  4. The K50 Pro Series includes a 50 mm multicolor RGB Optical device with PICK-IQ, IO-Link, and Pro Editor to offer advanced animation customization and control.

  5. The WLS15 Pro LED Indicator with Pro Editor, IO-Link, or PICK-IQ models has programmable LEDs for use in advanced indication applications.

  6. Banner's new Pick-to-Light Solutions Kit for improved productivity in picking systems is an easy-to-use solution to reduce error during the assembly process.

  7. K50 Series touch buttons combine a large, bright indicator with solid-state, touch-activated switching capability, ideal for lean manufacturing and bin-picking operations. Second generation models have excellent immunity to false triggering and are drop-in replacements for existing K50 Touch models.

  8. K70 Series touch buttons combine a large 70mm bright indicator with solid-state, touch-activated switching capability provides high visibility and more surface area when compared to the K50 and K30 Series touch buttons.

  9. 22 mm General Purpose Multicolor RGB Flush Mount Indicator with Independent Momentary or Latching Touch Button Output.

  10. Compact, single-point devices for error-proofing of bin-picking operations. Rated to IP69K depending on installation.

  11. Provides improved ways to install a pick-to-light system with industry standard Modbus RTU protocol for communication.

  12. The K30 is a rugged, miniaturized, and easy-to-install pick-to-light solution to aid in error-proofing and lean manufacturing.

  13. PVD Pick-to-Light sensors are compact, one-piece solutions useful in many part assembly, pick-to-light and error-proofing applications.