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  • SGS Series Mute Arm Kits

    SGS 3 Grid Options

    SGS Series Muting Arm Kits make it easy to add muting capabilities to any application by providing pre-mounted hardware and Q20 retroreflective sensors and retroreflective target reflectors. They are designed to be used with SGS Safety Grid System models featuring Integral Muting.

    • Pre-assembled for plug-and-play connection to the SGS grid
    • Available in four different configurations to solve a wide range of applications
    • Uses Q20 retroreflective sensors specifically designed for SGS Safety Grid Systems
    • Adjusts easily to support line changes
    • Wiring connection block and cable accessories are available

    Teknik Belgeler

    SGSA-LXT Muting Arm Sensor Kits for SGS Safety Grid Systems with Integral Muting
    2 Aug 2021