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    1. Introducing the K100 Pro Beacon, Banner's latest series of large, configurable indicators.

    2. Banner is expanding its offering of the WLS27 Series Strip Light to include programmable models with RGBW LEDs for use in indication, illumination and inspection applications. These new models will be programmable with Banner’s Pro Editor software or IO-Link communication.

    3. Choosing the right Banner Engineering laser sensor doesn't have to be hard: follow along and discover the strengths of each sensor and which one to use for your application needs.

    4. Learn about Repeatability and Minimum Object Separation, two key specifications used when describing laser sensors for discrete applications.

    5. Learn about Resolution and Linearity, two key specifications used when describing laser sensors for analog applications.

    6. Learn about Repeatability, Accuracy, and Linearity, three key specifications used to describe laser sensors for IO-Link applications.

    7. Learn how devices that combine illumination and feedback mechanisms can help workers locate parts faster and with more accuracy.

    8. SC10 Series safety controllers replace the functionality of two or more safety relay modules with one compact, cost-effective, and easy-to-use device.

    9. Watch the video to learn why EZ-STATUS lights are an ideal indication solution to empower your visual factory.

    10. IIoT solutions from Banner Engineering provide companies with greater visibility into their operations by enabling access to critical performance and production data, making it easy to solve problems, identify trends, and make better, data driven decisions.

    11. The T18-2 Series, the next generation of the popular T18 Series, was designed to withstand harsh, washdown environments. Learn how the rugged plastic T18-2 sensors work for extreme applications.

    12. SI-RF safety switches provide the highest level of safety, are easy-to-use, and can be monitored and diagnosed remotely to help maximize machine uptime.