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  • BEAM-ARRAY Series

    Beam-Array Family
    Beam-Array Family
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    • Complete BEAM-ARRAY System needs a controller, an emitter/receiver pair, and interconnectinc cables
    • Offers choice of RS-232 serial output with 15 to 20V dc supply voltage, or analog/discrete outputs with either 105 to 125V dc or 210 to 250V ac supply voltage
    • Uses DIP switches for up to two of eight programmable measurement modes
    • Includes continuous or gated scanning
    • Allows control of scan initiation with separate gate input
    • Ignores activity in one or two fields along the length of the array with programmable blanking, depending on model
    • Emitters and receivers are available in four array lengths from 300 mm to 1.2 m and provides a 3 m range and 11.4 mm minimum object detection size
    • Emitter/receiver pairs are constructed of 2 1/4" diameter tubular aluminum with epoxy-encapsulated circuitry
    • BMLV Series is also available
      • System is ideal for sensing or counting large objects falling through the sensing area.
      • Minimum object size is 50 mm at 0.6 m from the sensor and 125 mm at 2.1 m from the sensor.
      • Sensors are available in the following lengths: 1200, 2400, 3600 and 4800 mm.
      • Maximum range is 3 m, when used with Banner high-grade retroreflective tape.
      • Output choices are light operate and dark operate.
      • Housing is rugged extruded aluminum.
      • Installation and alignment are simple and fast
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