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  • Hazardous Area Radios - Polycarbonate Housing

    Hazardous Area Radios Image
    Hazardous Area Radios Image

    Hazardous area radios are a state-of-the-art combination of wireless communication, battery technology and intrinsically safe electronics. Networks are formed using DX80 Preformance Gateways installed beyond the hazardous area and one or more Nodes operating in the same frequency band.

    • All models are certified for operation in Class I, Division 1 and ATEX Zone 0 locations
    • Both 900 MHz 150 mW and 2.4 GHz 63 mW models are available
    • Discrete, analog, and temperature input types are available
    • Battery-based power supply provides power for third-party 4 to 20 mA and NAMUR process sensors
    • Polycarbonate housing devices require the DX81H Battery Module

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