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  • Wireless Forklift Signaling

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    Once a filled pallet is conveyed from its wrapping station and arrives at the end of the conveyor, a forklift driver must be notified to remove it immediately so pallet-loads don’t get backed up, and the line keeps moving. When there are multiple conveyors and multiple forklifts, communicating and prioritizing can quickly become complex and difficult.


    Banner’s wireless Call-for-Parts Kit offers a simple solution. When the pallet reaches the end of the conveyor, a wireless sensor sends a signal to a gateway, which prioritizes the conveyor requests and  routes them to forklift drivers. The drivers receive the request via an operator interface. To acknowledge availability, drivers press a button on the interface. Once the driver picks up the pallet, the gateway clears the job from the queue.  

    Wireless Call-for-Parts Kit Contents:

    Q45 photoelectric sensor, Direct Select operator interface, DXM Gateway, and software. 

    Components are battery-powered and easily installed.



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