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  • Key Laser Sensor Specifications for Analog Applications

    Learn about Resolution and Linearity, two key specifications used when describing laser sensors for analog applications. 

    Key Laser Sensor Specifications for Analog Applications


    In analog applications, Resolution and Linearity are two specifications used to describe sensors.

    But not all specifications are equal indicators of real-world performance; let's break it down.


    The resolution of a sensor tells you the smallest change in distance that the sensor can detect.

    Resolution represents the best-case condition; but resolution can be impacted by target conditions, distance to the target, sensor response speed, and other factors.

    For that reason it is not the best indicator of real-world preformance.


    Linearity is the maximum deviation between an ideal straight-line measurement and the actual measurement.

    It indicates how closely a sensor’s analog output can approximate a straight line when measuring across the sensor’s range. The more consistent the measurements are, the more linear the sensor.