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  • SC10 Series Compact Safety Controller / Relay Hybrid

    SC10 Series safety controllers replace the functionality of two or more safety relay modules with one compact, cost-effective, and easy-to-use device.  Watch the video to learn more about the features and advanced capabilities offered by these hybrid safety devices.

    Compact, Cost-Effective Safety Controllers for Smaller Machines

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    From the simplest, single safety input relay to the expandable XS26 safety controller, Banner Engineering has the right solution for your machine safety challenges.

    Banner now offers the SC10, a hybrid safety controller with the functionality of two safety relays.

    The SC10 uses Banner’s free safety controller software for simple configuration.

    The SC10 has versatile IO capabilities and features two dual channel relay outputs with six amps each, which can create independent safety zones with unique outputs for different safety functions. Four of the ten inputs can be converted to outputs for more efficient terminal use.

    The SC10 features Industrial Ethernet two-way communication to an HMI/PLC for diagnostics or status updates. Send up to 80 non-safe inputs from an HMI/PLC to eliminate costly wiring and buttons for inputs like a manual reset, on/off, cancel off-delay, and mute enable.

    Automatic Terminal Optimization means that wiring is automatically configured to be as efficient as possible and can increase the number of available inputs from 10 up to 14 to accommodate additional input devices.

    After being written, use the SC-XM3 external drive to configure an SC10 safety controller in seconds without a PC to get machines up and running quickly, or for easy swap out in the field.

    No matter the size and complexity of your machine safety needs, Banner Engineering can provide a simple, cost-effective solution to you and your business.