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  • VE Series Smart Cameras: Versatile, Easy-to-Use [Video]

    An introduction to VE Series Smart Cameras, a cost-effective, easy-to-use and easy-to-implement solution that solves a broad range of vision applications.


    Introducing the updated line of VE Smart Camera by Banner Engineering.

    The robust aluminum housing is ideal for harsh manufacturing environments and the C-mount lens provides flexibility in mounting and is able to detect a wide variety of targets.

    When paired with the optional lens cover, the VE is rated IP67 for more protection in wet or harsh environments.

    With four resolutions to choose from, Banner's VE cameras can be used to solve various applications in any industry, including automotive, pharmaceutical, material handling, electronics, and packaging.

    The VE transfers data quickly with gigabit ethernet, including FTP images and in special results. 

    Additionally, you can use the 6 optically isolated I/O to configure inputs and outputs.

    The onboard light connector makes powering and strobing external lighting simple and easy.

    Banner's Vision Manager Software is easy to use, enabling application setup in only minutes.

    The free software is available at

    You can make basic adjustments using the easy-to-read two line character display, change settings such as IP address, troubleshoot or clear system error logs, trigger the sensor, or perform fast product changes without being connected to the software.

    Solve your next vision application in minutes with tne new easy to use VE Smart Camera by Baner Engineering.

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