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  • WLS15: Low Profile LED Strip Light Fits in Tight Spaces [Video]

    Improve visibility, safety and efficiency with Banner's new low profile LED strip light. At 15 mm,  the WLS15 can fit in tight spaces that other lights cannot. Installs in minutes without impacting existing application framework. Globally certified and supported by Banner.

    Learn More About the WLS15 Low Profile Strip Light

    WLS15 Serisi İnce Gövdeli LED Aydınlatma
    WLS15 İnce Gövdeli, Düşük Güç Tüketimli LED Şerit Işık

    15 mm'lik ince gövdesi sayesinde diğer ışıkların sığamadığı dar alanlara kolayca sığar. Montajı dakikalar içinde gerçekleştirilir. Mobil ve batarya ile çalıştırılan uygulamalar için ideal düşük güç tüketimi.

    Product Details

    Video Transcript

    • Introducing Banner's new WLS15, a rugged, low profile strip light.
    • The sleek, sealed industrial task light fits into tight spaces to illuminate any area without obstruction to the work environment, while improving efficiency, safety, and quality.   
    • The fully assembled WLS15 can be installed anywhere in minutes, mounted either directly via the end caps or with a wide variety of brackets, saving time in design and installation. 
    • The IP66 and IP67 rated light is designed to survive harsh, wet industrial environments, and the shatter resistant polycarbonate window makes it perfect for a wide variety of applications.
    • The high efficiency LEDs and diffused window provide even illumination with no hot spots for any work environemnt.
    • Direct wiring and standard industrial connector options are available as well as cascading models for the simple connection of multiple lights.
    • The DC powered light works within both the 12 volt and 24 volt ranges and is dimmable via pulse width modulation.
    • The low power consumption and slow current ramp of the WLS15 make it perfect for mobile equipment applications or battery regulated power.
    • Buy with confidence knowing the WLS15 is globally certified and supported by Banner, a manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the industry.
    • Improve worker performance with the new low-profile LED strip light from Banner Engineering.
    • For more information, please visit

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