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  • XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller [Video]


    Banner’s new XS26-2 expandable safety controller,

    is a cost effective, easy to use solution that is scalable to fit your specific machine safeguarding requirements.

    With the option to add up to eight input or output expansion modules,

    your safety system can be designed to meet today’s needs

    but flexible enough to grow with future machine enhancements.

    The safety controller and safety input expansion modules have convertible inputs that can be configured as status outputs for effective terminal utilization.

    Additionally, an industrial Ethernet option offers 64 configurable virtual outputs for monitoring of the safety system status.

    The free user friendly icon based software ensures efficient setup of safety devices,

    Boolean logic functions and a variety of system parameters so you’ll be up and running sooner with less down time.

    Improve your automation process with Banner’s XS26-2 Safety Controller, scalable safety made simple.

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    XS26 Series Expandable Safety Controllers

    Expandable for complex safety applications where 3 or more safety relays are typically used. Supports up to 154 inputs and up to 68 dual channel outputs with 0.5 amps or 6 amps each using expansion modules.

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