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  • Tüm Medikal Montaj Çözümleri

    1. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) describes the technologies that connect industrial field devices, such as sensors, to the cloud.

    2. Remote monitoring enables increased visibility into the performance and efficiency of machines, processes, and people.

    3. Kestirimci bakım, izlenen ekipmanlardan veri alınarak, arıza gerçekleşmeden bakımın doğru ve yeterli bir biçimde yapılmasına imkan tanır.

    4. Remote monitoring capabilities provide data for OEE calculations, making it easier for manufacturers to identify and remedy causes of waste within their facilities.

    5. Tank seviyelerinin doğru şekilde izlenmesi verimliliği ve karlılığı arttırmaya yardımcı olur.

    6. IIoT teknolojileri fabrika genelindeki iletişimi arttırarak makinalar ve çalışanlar arasındaki süreçleri kolaylaştırır.

    7. Sensors detect the leading edge of pallets, polybags, blister packs, envelopes, tubes, and a wide range of difficult to detect targets.

    8. There are many advantages of IO-Link including reduced wiring, increased data availability, remote monitoring, simple device replacement, and advanced diagnostics.

    9. Banner’s wireless vibration and temperature sensor measures RMS velocity, in inches per second or millimeters per second, and temperature. Mounting it as close as possible to the bearings enables you to monitor the machine’s health by detecting increases in vibration and temperature. It is easy to mount using the standard bracket, the magnetic bracket or two sided thermal transfer mounting tape.

    10. FlexPower Nodes equipped with thermocouple or RTD sensors were mounted near the monitored motors. The sensor data is sent to a Gateway installed in a central control location. The temperature set point can be established to meet the applications requirements and then provide a discrete output from the Gateway. When predetermined temperature levels are detected, the red light of a stack light connected to a Gateway lights up, alerting personnel that maintenance is required.

    11. Wireless products enable predictive maintenance in the port industry. Motors and gearboxes on cranes are prone to high vibration and temperature which can cause them to degrade. Predictive maintenance allows employees to interfere and solve problems before they completely fail and cause unplanned downtime and lost profit.

    12. Wireless monitoring of rotating parts on coal conveyors throughout a large port allows operators to utilize predictive maintenance to prevent failure and save money while reducing downtime.

    13. An automotive manufacturer was rejecting a supplier’s shipment of rear window assemblies due to faulty defroster grids. The supplier’s existing test procedure measured current draw across the entire heating system to detect an overall failure, but it could not detect the subtle impact of a single heating wire being broken. The window supplier partnered with a Michigan-based machine automation company to create a better test fixture—one that can verify each defrost wire heats to specification prior to shipping.

    14. Using K50U ultrasonic sensors and Q45U wireless nodes paired to a DXM100 wireless controller, we can develop a wireless monitoring system for multiple tank level measurements that is easy to set up, interpret the results, and monitor locally through a cloud-based system.

    15. The EPA has placed restrictions on the use of many fumigants citing a correlation between their use and ozone depletion. As an alternative, a large-scale flour mill performs three to four thermal remediations per year to eradicate flour beetles. The temperature inside the mill is brought up to 122° F (50° C). This is done gradually to minimize equipment and building strain caused by heat expansion.