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  • MULTI-SCREEN Light Screen Systems


    • Two pairs of emitters/receivers provide point-of-operation guarding for two areas on the same machine.
    • Full system includes two pair of emitters/receivers, a controller and interconnecting cables.
    • Controller is compatible with MACHINE-GUARD emitters/receivers, and standard or heavy-duty MINI-SCREEN emitters/receivers
    • Controller provides 115/230V ac or 24V dc supply voltage with two normally open (NO) safety outputs.
    • Trip output automatically resets safety output as soon as defined area is clear.
    • Two normally closed (NC) non-safety auxiliary outputs are included.
    • Controllers are made of welded steel with a polyester painted finish.
    • Emitters/receivers are available for ranges to 18 m and resolutions as small as 19 mm.
    • Systems include floating blanking (one- or two- beam) and selectable auto power-up.

    Discontinued Notice

    This product family is being discontinued. Please contact an engineer to find a replacement, or browse our recommended selection of products.

    Littérature Technique

    MULTI-SCREEN System (Semi-Annual Procedure)
    16 Oct 2007
    Procédure de vérification
    MULTI-SCREEN System (Daily Procedure)
    MULTI-SCREEN System (Daily Procedure)
    16 Oct 2007
    Procédure de vérification
    MULTI-SCREEN MUSC-1S6 Metal Box Contr. (Trip/Latch, MSA-RM-6)-Addendum to 42492
    14 Nov 2003
    Manuel Produit
    MULTI-SCREEN MUSA Series Replacement Transformer
    20 Nov 2003
    Fiche technique
    MULTI-SCREEN MUSC-1/1T3 Dual Metal Box Controllers (Trip)
    14 Nov 2003
    Manuel Produit
    MULTI-SCREEN MUSA Series Replacement Power Supply
    11 Nov 2003
    Fiche technique