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  • Série Q240R

    Capteur radar à faisceau étroit (11° x 13°)

    Série Q240R

    Sensors reliably detect objects within a narrow beam pattern from up to 100 meters away in all weather conditions.

    • FMCW (true-presence) radar detects moving and stationary objects
    • Narrow 11° × 13° beam pattern detects distant targets without detecting adjacent objects
    • Reliably detects objects up to 100 (328 ft) meters away
    • Dual discrete output models can be used to create two independent, adjustable sensing zones
    • Analog output models are capable of providing location information and can be used to track objects
    • Easy setup and configuration of range, sensitivity, and output with simple DIP switches
    • Sensing functions are unaffected by wind, falling rain or snow, fog, humidity, air temperatures, or light
    • Sensor operates in Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) telecommunication band
    • Rugged IP67 housing withstands harsh environments

    Littérature Technique

    R-GAGE Q240RA-IL (-UL) Sensor
    14 Nov 2017
    Fiche technique