Introduction to the XS26-2/SC26-2 Programming Environment [Video]

Introduction to the XS26-2/SC26-2 Programming Environment
2 mins  38 secs 

This video will take users on a tour of the SC26-2 programming environment. Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the different programming tools and interface. This software tutorial video is meant as a reference tool only. It was created as a guide to help you through the general steps involved during the installation process. It is important that you read and follow the Safety Manual included in the software prior to installation.

2 mins  38 secs 


Thank you for your interest in Banner Engineering's XS26-2 Safety Controller.

In this introductory tutorial we will briefly review the programming environment and cover basic information to help you get started.

Always review the manual for full details on setup and configuration to adhere to safety standards for your application.

After launching the programming software, you will be in the equipment view of a new configuration screen.

The navigation toolbar along the top of the screen gives access to all basic functions needed for creating a new project or accessing recent project files, opening a project file stored on your computer, saving project files to your computer, printing project documentation, adjusting network settings if applicable for the controller you selected, as well as adding project specific information for documentation purposes, managing security levels and passwords, and reading and writing configuration files to and from your controller.

In addition to the equipment view which conveys which based controller and expansion modules are used in the current project, other views used in the program to define the application include the functional view, the wiring diagram, ladder logic, industrial ethernet virtual status output allocations, and the configuration summary.

Also observe the checklist and properties box on the left side of the screen which will aid you as you program and navigate through your projects.

In our next tutorial, we will begin to select system hardware and explore the basics of input and output selection options.

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