RGB Indicators for the Visual Factory [Video]

Indicator lights are the visual language of machines. However, traditional red, green, and amber indicators are limited. Watch the video the see how programmable RGB indication clarifies communication, simplifies your supply chain, and allows you to quickly create custom indication to match your process--all of which save costs and improve efficiency. 

Programmable RGB Indication Solutions for the Visual Factory

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Voyant d'indication multicolore programmable de 30 mm série K30 Pro
Voyant d'indication multicolore programmable de 30 mm série K30 Pro

Ce voyant compact de 30 mm offre une indication de l'état encore plus lumineuse et ultravisible ainsi qu'un choix de sept couleurs à partir de trois entrées seulement.

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S22 Pro Series 22 mm Programmable Multicolor Panel Indicator
S22 Pro Series 22 mm Programmable Multicolor Panel Indicator

22 mm Flush Mount Multicolor RGB Indicator with Seven Color Flashing Input Control and up to Fourteen Color Options.

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Logiciels Pro Editor pour systèmes d'indication
Logiciel Pro Editor

Ce logiciel permet aux utilisateurs de personnaliser facilement leurs propres voyants sur le terrain avec un large choix d'options de couleur et d'animation, sans nécessiter IO-Link.

Product Details

Video Transcript

Indicator lights are the visual language of machines.

But traditional green, amber, and red indicators are limited, and can actually make it more difficult to interpret signals.

What if indicators could be more flexible?

What if you could choose distinct colors and settings that were easy to decode quickly and accurately?

Give your machines a voice with programmable indication from Banner Engineering.

With programmable indicators, you can mix and match color and motion to fit all of your indication requirements.

Try a fifty-fifty rotate animation to indicate machine warm up time.

Or try combining different options to indicate steps in an assembly process

Pro indicators can be programmed in-field to perform any role required.

This allows you to replace many unique indicators with a few customizable models and streamlines your supply chain.

The Pro Editor software from Banner makes it easy to create, save, and load pre-defined configurations onto your device.

Choose colors and animations to match your process or branding, and preview settings on the device before deployment.

When you need to update settings, simply reprogram the device.

Clarify communication, simplify your supply chain, and customize to your needs with programmable RGB indicators from Banner.