QS18 Series Clear Object Detection [Video]

QS18 Series Clear Object Detection
1 min  27 secs 

Expert Coaxial Clear Object Detection Sensor -Reliably detects clear, translucent, or opaque objects -Coaxial optics enable reliable detection of targets to the face of the sensor with no dead zone -Simple single push to teach setup -0–3 m range -ClearTracking

1 min  27 secs 


Introducing Banner's new QS18 Sensor with clear object detection.

With a simple push button teach and a 400 ms response time, you can be up and running in no time.

Align the sensor with the reflector, push and hold the teach button for 2 seconds, and you're ready to begin detections.

With an IP67 rated ABS housing, multiple mounting options, and LED and coaxial lens, installation is possibnle in even the most challenging locations.

The coaxial optics allows for detection of clear and mirror-like targets, operates at short distances from the reflector with no dead zones out to 3 meters, and has precise leading edge detection.

The 3 user selectable thresholds allow the users to optimize the sensor's performance to detect small changes in the amount of light received.

Even with difficult targets, the QS18's clear tracking provides reliable operation by compensating for dust build up and ambient temperature changes.

Choose the QS18 for fast, reliable, and easy-to-use detection of clear objects.

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