Key Benefits

Precise Measurement

The LM provides reliable quality and process control with 0.004 mm resolution and repeatably measures real world targets with varying colors and reflectivity.


With response speeds as fast as 0.5 ms, the LM can reliably solve high-speed applications with fast-moving targets. 

Real-World Stability

LM sensors feature a thermally stable design that resists temperature changes, as well as enhanced mounting stability, for high accuracy in the toughest environments. The LM has a temperature effect of +/-0.008 mm/°C. This is imperative for high precision applications since even a few degrees of temperature change can cause other sensors' measurement error to double.

Quick Setup and Replacement

The optional RSD remote display stores up to 6 configurations for product changeover and easy device replacement.

LM Series Precise Laser Measurement Sensor

The new LM Series laser distance sensor provides precise measurement and reliable detection of difficult targets.

LM Chip Orientation Application Image

The LM sensor measures changes in both distance and light intensity to verify the presence and orientation of circuit chips seated in nests.  The LM's precision allows it to identify very small height differences to determine when chips are not seated completely, while the dual teach mode can verify that the chip is right side up. Learn more about how the LM solves this application.

LM Chip Orientation Application Image
LM Crankshaft Runout Application Image
Cardboard Thickness Measurement

The LM Series Sensor and RSD Remote Sensor Display can be used in a wide vatriety of measurement applications, including:
  • Precise part inspection
  • Assembly and accuracy checks
  • Dimensional control
  • Product position control
  • PCB warp inspection
  • Correct product placement
  • Thickness and height measurement
For More Information

LM  Series Precision Measurement Sensor
LM Series Precision Measurement Sensor

The LM Series offers best-in-class precision measurement performance and real-world stability in a compact device with an intuitive user experience.

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RSD Remote Display for Sensor Products
RSD Remote Display for Sensor Products

The removable Remote Sensor Display (RSD) is used for remote programming and configuration of specific series of sensors for product changeover and easy device replacement.

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