Pick-to-Light Solutions

Pick-to-Light Solutions Image

Application: Indication of real-time operational status

Challenges: Light needs to be visible from a distance

Solution: Part Verification Arrays and K50 Series Pick-to-Light Sensors

Benefits: Bright and reliable LED lights visible from far distances

Lean and flexible manufacturing incorporates Andon, Poka-yoke, and error-proofing techniques to increase productivity and quality. Manufacturing and assembly are enhanced with systems and processes that work with PLC or other logic-level control outputs to prompt operators (guiding sequential part selection, for example) and deliver real-time operational status indication for workers and supervisors.


Several technologies and solutions are available for bin-picking applications for error-proofing processes. Light arrays prompt the operator for part selection with integral job lights, then reliably sense retrieval of the part, using an array of visible red or infrared sensing beams located in front of the bin. Banner Engineering's EZ-LIGHT opposed-mode PVA and retroreflective-mode PVD pick-to-light arrays are available in several lengths to accommodate various bin sizes. Indicator lights with integral sensors or push buttons are highly visible and cost-effective. Banner EZ-LIGHT K50 and K80 indicators feature a large 50 mm illuminated dome to signal the operator, and the integrated sensor or push button is used to signal that a retrieved part has been detected.

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