Drive Thru Vehicle Detection and Monitoring Business Patterns

Drive-Through Vehicle Detection and Business Indication Image

Application: Counting vehicles and alerting employees of vehicle presence

Challenges: Harsh outdoor environments

Solution: QT50R Series Radar Sensor

Benefits: Rugged IP67 housing withstands rugged conditions and radar detection is immune to changing weather 

Restaurant drive thru applications require reliable vehicle detection. Because the sensor must be located outside, wind, rain and outdoor weather conditions have the potential to interfere with the sensor’s vehicle detection ability and physically wear down the sensor. In this application, the sensor must detect vehicles, alert employees to a customer’s presence and count the number of cars passing through.


Banner’s Adjustable Field R-Gage AFH (R-Gage AFH) is ideal for drive thru automation because it uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar to reliably detect moving or stationary vehicles regardless of environmental conditions. Unlike other sensing solutions, radar detection is immune to snow, fog, rain, and strong winds, ensuring outdoor sensing capabilities. The radar sensor can sense up to 3.5 meters and its rugged IP67 housing withstands harsh environments, protecting the sensor from extreme weather conditions.

In addition to vehicle detection, the R-Gage AFH also provides business indication. As vehicles approach the drive-through window, the R-GAGE AFH signals a light inside the restaurant’s work station to turn red, alerting workers to customers approaching the window. The sensor is also able to count the number of cars passing through each day.

The R-Gage’s vehicle detection, business indication, and count functions, help restaurants efficiently respond to drive-thru customers, measure drive-thru demand, and manage drive-thru operations.

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