Safety Modules

Industrial safety modules provide an interface between safety devices and the machines and processes those devices monitor for an easy-to-use safety control solution.

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E-Stops/ Interlock Switches

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Light Curtains

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Safety Controller

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Two-Hand Controls

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Laser Scanner

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Safety Mat

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Shaft/ Motor Speed

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  1. Universal Input Safety Modules

    Universal Input Modules are used to increase the control reliability and safety integrity of a circuit and devices.

  2. E-Stop & Guard Monitoring Modules

    E-Stop & Guard Monitoring Modules monitor normally-closed emergency stop switch circuits or safety interlock switch circuits for a contact failure or wiring fault.

  3. Interface Modules

    Interface modules provide isolated safety output contacts for a primary safety device with solid-state or relay contact outputs and external device monitoring (EDM) capability.

  4. Two-Hand Control Safety Modules: DUO-TOUCH SG Series

    Two Hand Control Modules connect to Self-Checking Touch Buttons (STBs), monitoring the outputs of each button, preventing an output signal if it detects a fault and de-energizing when the operator removes one or both hands.

  5. Safety Muting Modules

    Muting Modules monitor two or four redundant inputs to automatically suspend the safety function of a safety light screen during a nonhazardous portion of a machine cycle.

  6. Safe Speed Monitoring Modules

    Safe Speed Monitoring Modules connect to two sensors with PNP outputs, monitoring rotation (rpm) or linear movement. Provides over-speed, under-speed and zero-speed detection.

  7. Safety Mat Monitoring Modules

    Safety Mat Monitoring Modules monitor a single 4-wire safety mat or multiple mats in a series.

  8. Extension Modules

    Extension Modules provide additional safety outputs for a primary safety device such as an E-stop safety or two-hand control module.