Safety Relays

Industrial safety relays provide an interface between safety devices and the machines and processes those devices monitor for an easy-to-use safety control solution.

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E-Stops/ Interlock Switches

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Safety Controller

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Safety Mat

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  1. SR-IM Series Interface Modules

    Cost-effective interface modules providing isolated safety output contacts for primary safety devices with solid-state or hard contact outputs and external device monitoring (EDM) capability.

  2. Universal Input Safety Relays

    Modules monitor one or two solid-state PNP outputs or relay contact outputs from safety or non-safety devices such as sensors and light curtains.

  3. E-Stop & Guard Monitoring Safety Relays

    These safety modules monitor normally-closed emergency stop switch circuits or safety interlock switches for a contact failure or wiring fault.

  4. Interface Safety Relays

    Modules provide isolated safety outputs for primary safety device with solid-state or relay contact outputs and external device monitoring capability.

  5. Duo-Touch SG Series Two Hand Control Safety Relays

    Two hand control modules connect to self-checking touch buttons (STBs), monitoring outputs of each button, preventing output signal on fault detection.

  6. Muting Safety Relays

    Modules monitor two or four redundant inputs to automatically suspend safety function of a safety light screen during a nonhazardous machine cycle.

  7. Safe Speed Monitoring Relays

    Modules monitor two sensors with PNP outputs, monitoring rotation (RPM) or linear movement. Provides over-speed, under-speed and zero-speed detection.

  8. Pressure Sensitive Safety Mat Relays

    Safety mat monitoring modules monitor a single 4-wire safety mat or multiple mats in a series.

  9. Safety Extension Relays

    Extension modules provide additional safety outputs for a primary safety device such as an E-stop, safety mat, or two-hand control module.