Wireless Sensors and All-in-One Kits

Wireless sensors and all-in-one kits allow you to remotely monitor and diagnose systems quickly, which reduces downtime, increases productivity, and provides data to optimize your operation. They are easy to install and set up, eliminate expensive cable runs, and can integrate machines that were not previously network capable.

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Monitoring Solutions

Vibration Monitoring
Vibration Monitoring

Monitor machine health to prevent unplanned downtime.

Tank Level Monitoring
Tank Level Monitoring

Remotely monitor multiple tank levels so that your process is not unexpectedly interrupted by an empty or overflowing tank.

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  1. QM42 Vibration & Temperature Series - Wireless

    The QM42VT Vibration and Temperature Sensor makes it easy to monitor a machine's health. It measures RMS velocity and temperature so that problems can be detected before they become too severe and cause additional damage or result in unplanned downtime.

  2. Q45 Nodes for Predictive Maintenance

    Sure Cross® Q45 1-Wire Serial Nodes are pre-mapped to work with Banner's 1-Wire Serial Sensors. Their compact size, integrated lithium batteries, and variety of compatible sensors make remote monitoring easy.

  3. Q45 Switches and Push Buttons

    Sure Cross® Q45 Switches and Push Buttons are designed to accept remote dry contact, NAMUR, and discrete non-contact switch inputs for use in many factory automation, remote monitoring, and IIoT applications.

  4. Q45 Photoelectric Wireless Sensors

    Sure Cross® Q45 Photoelectric Sensors combine a sensor, wireless node, and an internal battery in a single device, making it easy to solve challenging factory applications or add sensing to existing industrial systems.

  5. Temperature & Humidity Sensor Series

    Sure Cross® Temperature and Humidity Sensors work in a variety of environments to provide temperature and humidity measurements. Used with Sure Cross Wireless Radios, these sensors make it easy to monitor environmental conditions without costly wiring runs to monitoring points.

  6. Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors: K50U Series

    The K50U ultrasonic sensor makes it easy to monitor mobile and remotely located tanks and totes.

  7. Wireless Pendants

    Autonomous wireless Nodes that enable two-way communication between the user and multiple remote and/or mobile devices.

  8. GPS Receiver

    Low power consumption, ability to withstand harsh environments, flexible power supply requirements and Modbus RTU communications makes this module ideal for the industrial market.

  9. Wireless M-GAGE Node

    FlexPower Node with internal battery designed for vehicle detection.

  10. Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor Node

    Wireless FlexPower Node with internal battery designed for object or vehicle detection.