Color Sensors Reliably Verify Tablet Color and Presence

In pharmaceutical packaging, each pocket of a blister pack must contain a tablet, and each tablet must be the correct color.  However, it can be challenging for traditional color sensors to reliably see through the reflective plastic of the blister pack. Keep reading to learn how the QCM50 color sensor solves this application.  

The Challenges of Verifying Tablet Color and Presence

Quality control in pharmaceutical packaging is critical to ensure customers receive the correct, complete, and safe product. Medications come in several varieties, indicated by different colors. For example, daytime cold medication tablets are a different color than night-time tablets. 

A solution is needed that can verify that all of the correct tablets are present in the blister pack.  For example, the pack must contain only daytime tablets (Color A) and not night-time tablets (Color B). 

The Solution: Anti-Glare Color Sensor

The anti-glare model of the QCM50 color sensor sees through the shiny packaging of the blister pack to reliably confirm tablet presence and color. 

Used in color mode, the sensor verifies the taught color and detects incorrect color tablets.  In addition, the QCM50 also differentiates between the tablet color and the background color to detect a missing tablet.

A color sensor is a cost-effective alternative to a vision solution, and the anti-glare model of the QCM50 stores up to 7 color settings to verify a wide variety of tablet color combinations

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QCM50 Series Color Sensor
QCM50 Color Sensor

The QCM50 high-performance color sensor provides reliable color verification across the entire range of the sensor, even in extremely challenging color- and contrast-based applications.

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