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Banner is the leader in ergonomic, visual and sealed operator touch buttons for industrial applications. Since Banner Touch Buttons can have multiple colors and I/O capabilities, they can replace several conventional buttons, making them ideal in lean manufacturing environments.

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Capacitive Touch Button Selection
Capacitive Touch Buttons

Actuated with no force, just contact with the surface.

Optical Touch Button Selection
Optical Touch Buttons

Zero-force photoelectric replacement for push buttons.

Push Button Selection
Push Buttons

Push buttons require physical force to actuate the button.

Illuminated E-Stop Buttons
Illuminated E-Stop Buttons

Provides easy identification of which e-stop has been activated.

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  1. The K30 Pro Series has expanded its line to include a 30 mm multicolor touch button device with PICK-IQ and IO-Link to offer advanced animation customization, LED control, and faster response speed.

  2. The K50 Pro programmable multicolor touch button provides unique indication and is compatible with the Pro Editor software. The K50 Pro touch buttons are rugged for actuation in various environments.

  3. The K50 Pro Series includes a 50 mm multicolor RGB Optical device with PICK-IQ, IO-Link, and Pro Editor to offer advanced animation customization and control.

  4. The LC15T In-Line Touch Switch is a sealed, capacitive touch switch that can be connected in-line with many types of DC devices for on/off and PWM control.

  5. K50 Series touch buttons combine a large, bright indicator with solid-state, touch-activated switching capability, ideal for lean manufacturing and bin-picking operations.

  6. Ergonomically designed to eliminate hand, wrist, and arm stresses associated with repeated switch operation.

  7. 22 mm General Purpose Multicolor RGB Flush Mount Indicator with Independent Momentary or Latching Touch Button Output.

  8. The EZ-LIGHT K70 touch button is a large, easy to activate solid state switch and high visibility indicator. Touch buttons in this series are ideal for use in pick-to-light, call button and general industrial applications.

  9. The Independent Push Button Contact on the K50L can function independently without any power to the device or electrical circuits for control.

  10. Provides improved ways to install a pick-to-light system with industry standard Modbus RTU protocol for communication.

  11. Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install 30 mm multicolor indicator light with push button

  12. Compact, single-point devices for error-proofing of bin-picking operations.

  13. Self-contained, one-piece push buttons and key operated selector switches with a one- or two-color illuminated base for non-safety run/start, stop, and bypass.

  14. Optical Touch Buttons are zero-force ergonomic replacements for mechanical push buttons.

  15. Banner Engineering's VTB is an ergonomic touch button that features a brightly illuminated base for enhanced visual indication and requires no physical pressure to operate.