High-Speed Tablet Counting With DF-G2

High-Speed Tablet Counting with DF-G2 Image

Application: Counting small tablets

Challenges: Tablets move at very high speed

Solution: The DF-G2 Small Object Detection Fiber Amplifier

Benefits: Detects extremely small sizes with a fast response speed

In pharmaceutical packaging, products such as tablets, capsules and gel caps need to be accurately counted to achieve the proper number of tablets in each bottle.

Pharmaceutical and medical industries use a dispensing mechanism to ensure the tablets separate from one another and don’t fall into the bottle side-by-side or simultaneously. All of this is done at a very fast speed, creating the need for a high-speed, small-object counting sensor that can ensure tablets are accurately dispensed.


Banner’s DF-G2 small object detection fiber amplifier is ideal for small object detection and counting applications. The DF-G2 amplifier has a fast response speed and can detect extremely small sizes, such as 3 mm tablets or pills. When the tablets fall into bottles, it fires an output to the DF-G2 fiber amplifier, which keeps count of the tablets.

The DF-G2 can maintain accurate counts even in very dusty environments due to its automatic gain compensation. The amplifier can detect fast events with a faster response speed and has an optional totalizer feature. The totalizer can be set from 1 to 1,000 and set to reset once the count total is reached. 

Banner’s DF-G2 Small Object Detection Fiber Amplifier offers various expert-style teaching and manual adjust sensitivity with a rocker switch. An easy to use interface allows for simple TEACH and SET methods with a single push of a button.

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