Two Hand Controls

Modules monitor the output of each mechanical switch button and deenergizes when the machine operator removes one or both hands from the buttons, providing protection for the worker actuating the hand controls.

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  1. Run Bar with Self-Checking Touch Buttons

    Ergonomic and robust solution for two-hand control actuation and safeguarding when interfaced with DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Modules. Accessories include floor and free-mounting stand, EZ-LIGHT indicators and optional mounting brackets.

  2. Self-Checking Touch Buttons: STB Series

    STB touch-activated photoelectric switches are self-checking to ensure reliability. Because they require no physical pressure to operate, they prevent stress on hands and wrists.

  3. Two-Hand Control Safety Modules: DUO-TOUCH SG Series

    Module connects to STB switches, monitoring the outputs of each button, preventing an output signal if it detects a fault and de-energizing when the operator removes one or both hands.