Fiber Optic Amplifiers

Fiber optic sensors are small enough to fit in confined areas and can be positioned precisely where needed with flexible fibers.

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  1. Fiber Optic Amplifier: DF-G3 Series

    Developed to provide world-class long-range detection, DF-G3 fiber amplifiers are advanced sensors featuring dual digital displays for use with plastic and glass fiber optic assemblies. Output options include analog, discrete, dual discrete and IO-Link communication.

  2. Fiber Optic Amplifier: DF-G1 Series

    High performance dual-display fiber amplifier, features simple set-up and configuration. Output options include NPN, PNP, or PNP with IO-Link Communication.

  3. Fiber Optic Amplifier: DF-G2 Series

    Designed to achieve the world’s fastest response rate, the DF-G2 fiber optic amplifier can achieve 10 microsecond response time with 5 microsecond repeatability. Output options include discrete, dual discrete, and IO-Link communication.

  4. Fiber Optic Amplifier: D10 Series

    High-performance, low-contrast plastic fiber optic sensor.

  5. R55F Series Color Contrast Fiber Optic Sensors

    Color contrast fiber optic sensor detects 16 levels of grayscale for registration mark detection. Choose infrared or 1 of 4 visible beam colors.

  6. Fiber Optic Amplifier: QS18 Series

    Plastic or glass fiber optic sensing in the popular World-Beam QS18 sensor housing.

  7. Fiber Optic Amplifier: MINI-BEAM Series

    Plastic or glass fiber optic sensing in the popular MINI-BEAM sensor housing.

  8. Fiber Optic Amplifier: Q45 Series

    Plastic or glass fiber optic sensing in the popular Q45 sensor housing.

  9. Fiber Optic Amplifier: QM42 Series

    Plastic fiber optic sensing in the rugged die-cast QM42 sensor housing.