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Lithium ion battery cells are manufactured for installation in hybrid electric cars. Banner’s Run Bar safety product was modified to provide operator guidance in a battery assembly workstation.

Customer Requirements: Provide customized operator guidance for hybrid car battery assembly

Solution: DUO-TOUCH® Run Bar models with STB optical touch buttons, K30 / K50 lights and E-Stop buttons

Why Banner? Speed and flexibility—Banner quickly produced customized Run Bar models to meet customer needs, transforming a standard safety product into an operator guidance tool

Customer Benefits

Efficiency—OEM no longer has to create and mount operator guidance devices themselves, and operators can work more efficiently on the supplier’s floor to save time and money

Convenience—the Run Bar provides an all-in-one solution for the three processes performed in the workstation


Leading auto manufacturers will likely produce millions of electric vehicles in the US. And these automobiles would not hit the road without a critical component: rechargeable lithium ion batteries. 


A leading machine manufacturer builds workstations designed for accurate, timely and cost-effective battery cell assembly. A value added component of the workstations is an operator guidance device that does three jobs: enables assembly processes to start and stop, indicates parts to be picked and installed, and completely stops line operation if emergencies occur. When it became too costly for the OEM to construct and mount these devices themselves, they turned to Banner to craft an all-inclusive solution. To honor the time line requirements of their customer—a major tier two battery supplier—the OEM needed the solution in eight weeks.


Within two months, Banner tailored the Run Bar—a standard safety product— to perform as an operator guidance tool. The Run Bars are floor-mounted in the workstation, leaving the bottom of the box free for quick-disconnect wiring. Operators can touch the STBs on either side of the bar to start or stop a process, or press the E-Stop button to completely halt the assembly line. Several Run Bar models were built for the OEM, each with different light combinations. In the most versatile model, 3 K30 and 1 K50 indicator lights were included to provide operator guidance—because different types of battery cells are assembled within one station, the lights let operators know which model they are building. In a short period of time, Banner combined all these elements to accommodate the supplier’s unique assembly processes and give the OEM a convenient and cost-saving solution. 

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Application Products

Model Numbers: STBVP6- RB1E02-13787 / 13834 / 13841 / 13845

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