Local Status Indication

local indicator on a food packaging machine

Identify and Resolve Problems Quickly

Local status indication provides operators and supervisors with clear information when and where they need it so that they can quickly resolve critical status conditions.  LED indicators can be easily understood in any language and with minimal training.

For operators, illuminated indicators, touch buttons, and e-stops are nearby and provide status clearly, so they can act quickly and confidently when problems occur.

Tower lights and other high visibility indicators communicate machine, work cell, and inventory status at a glance, helping supervisors monitor multiple stations or machines and identify and resolve issues effectively. 

Challenges of Local Indication

tower lights on a machine in the semiconductor industry
Consider Visibility and the Environment

A local indication is a must, but several challenges may impact the type of indicator that you choose for your application.

Visibility: It is essential to understand who needs to see the indicator to identify the right solution.  Tower lights mounted above the machine are ideal for supervisors who need to be able to scan the work area and quickly identify stations that need assistance; meanwhile, operators may need a solution that is within their normal sightlines.

Environment: Industrial environments can be harsh, and local indicators are often right in the middle of the process. They may be exposed to vibration, impact, spills, and more that can damage the electronics.  Choosing a rugged LED indicator built for industrial use is a must to protect your investment.

Every application is different.  Explore typical solutions below, or contact an engineer to discuss your specific requirements. 

Top Features of Local Indication Solutions

s22 indicators and touch buttons on a panel
Colors and Animations for Clear Communication

Make Controls More Intuitive

  • Modern indication requires a broader spectrum of color options than the typical 3-5 colors available with most traditional indicators.   
  • Multicolor indicators with up to 14 color options and animations allow each status or step in a process to have a different indication from other steps, eliminating confusion and speeding up interpretation of the signals. 
  • Control panels are an excellent application for multicolor indicators.  Machine panels with many buttons and indicators can complicate communication and hinder machine operation.
  • Adding multicolor indicators to panels can make the control panel more intuitive for operators and shorten the learning curve.
K50 series indicators in a harsh washdown environment
Rugged Housing to Withstand Any Environment

Protect Your Investment

  • LED indicators experience some of the most punishing environments in the factory. 
  • For example, operators may accidentally drop or spill things on the indicators.  Plus, LED indicators are often directly mounted to machinery exposing them to constant vibration.
  • For washdown applications, an LED indicator rated IP69K is essential to withstand high-temperature, high-pressure washdown.
  • All K30 and K50 Series indicators from Banner are impact-resistant and rated IP66, IP67, and IP69K to protect the LED from damage in almost any environment.
K50 series indicators in a harsh washdown environment
TL50 tower light with audible indicates status on a beverage line
Flexible Options to Meet Your Requirements

Get the Functionality You Need

  • We provide many options to help you identify the right solution for your application.
  • Tower lights and indicators are available in a wide variety of form factors, color and animation options, audible alarms, laser-etched symbols or wording, and wireless communication.
  • Color and animations represent more statuses with ease.
  • Audible alarms provide sound cues to get the operator's attention if they are looking away from the light.
  • Wireless communication allows indicators like tower lights to be used for remote control, simple status monitoring, and even to track machine downtime for OEE calculations.

Featured Products

S22 panel button
S22 Pro Series

Panel Mount Indicator

22 mm general purpose multicolor RGB flush mount indicator with independent momentary or latching touch button output.

  • Resistance to false triggering by water spray, detergents, oils, and other foreign materials
  • Rugged, cost-effective, and easy-to-install multicolor indicator with touch button
  • Programmable using Banner’s Pro Editor Software
  • Solid state electronics for extended lifetime and reduced maintenance
  • Waterproof IP69 construction for washdown environments
  • Up to 14 independent colors in one unit
  • Ergonomic design to eliminate hand, wrist, and arm stress
  • Can be actuated with bare hands or gloves
  • 10 V dc to 30 V dc operation
  • Terminal connector options for fast installation in panels
K50 Indicator
K50 Core Series

50 mm LED Indicator

Our most popular indicator light. The 50 mm general-purpose indicator is available in both AC and DC supply voltage options.

  • Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install indicators
  • The illuminated dome provides easy-to-see operator guidance and an indication of equipment status
  • Compact devices are completely self-contained — no controller needed
  • 18 to 30V dc operation 85 to 130V ac operation
  • Displays up to three colors
  • Immune to EMI and RFI interference
K50 Indicator
TL50 Tower light

TL50 Core Series

50 mm LED Tower Light

Self-contained tower light indicators use long-lasting LED technology, are simple to install, and provide highly visible operator guidance and equipment indication.

  • Available in models featuring IO-Link communication for easy integration into most industrial networks and remote control and monitoring of light and audible segments in the fixture
  • Built-to-order configure your model today using our online tool
  • Installs directly on machine quickly and easily with prewired or quick-disconnect options no assembly required
  • Features an entirely self-contained design no controller needed
  • Displays up to 7 colors in a single tower choice of 10 colors in standard brightness and 5 colors in high brightness tower lights
  • Allows multiple lights to be on simultaneously
  • Eliminates false indication from ambient light; indicators appear gray when off
  • Available in Universal AC Voltage models