Liquid Level Monitoring

Liquid Level Monitoring Image

Application: Measuring liquid in a large tank

Challenges: Must reach the full depth of the tank

Solution: QT50U Ultrasonic Sensor

Benefits: Has an extended range up to 8m

In applications where the liquid level must be monitored, a long range sensor is needed to ensure it can reach and sense the full depth of the tank for accurate monitoring. By sending a continuous signal that represents the current depth, the tank levels can be controlled with a pump in-pump out logic.


Banner’s U-GAGE QT50U ultrasonic analog long distance sensor has a narrow sensing beam that works in confined areas, such as the tank, without interference from the tank walls and senses with an extended range up to 8 m. The ultrasonic sensor can be mounted to the center so that the beam spreads over the tank to detect the fluid level without interference, while signaling when to pump out excess liquid and pump in additional liquid.

The QT50U ultrasonic sensor is extremely powerful and has the longest range to work well in applications and features an ultrasonic dead-zone of only 2.5% of the totally range, which is 75% less than comparable products. The QT50U is available with AC voltage and has analog capability with low level and high level outputs and push-button capability.

The setup with the QT50U ultrasonic sensor is simple with the push-button and remote TEACH-mode programming and showing highly visible LED indicators for status during installation.

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QT50U Series 8 m Range Chemical Resistant Ultrasonic Sensor
QT50U 8 m Range Chemical Resistant Ultrasonic Sensor

Features a completely sealed, shock-resistant housing that is ideal for tank level monitoring of liquids as well as solids.

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