Remote Monitoring to Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Application: Monitor and collect machine performance and output information to increase efficiency

Challenges: Connecting to and gathering data from multiple machines on a busy factory floor

Solution: Wireless TL70 Tower Lights and a DXM Series Wireless Controller

Benefits: High-visibility local indication, reliable wireless communication for remote monitoring and data collection


Increasing production line efficiency is always a top concern for plant and production managers. Reducing the amount of time machines are down or not operating at an optimal rate is an easy way to increase overall efficiency.


Wireless TL70 tower lights are installed on machines throughout the factory. Each tower light displays machine status, providing instant visual communication across the plant floor. By connecting to the DXM Series wireless controller, vital data is collected for use in productivity calculations, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The TL70s monitor uptime, production volume and rejected parts. Logged data can be analyzed offline or local analysis can provide quick notification of critical changes. The wireless infrastructure eliminates messy wiring between machines and the control hub and centralizes data control to ensure accuracy.

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Industrial Wireless Controller: DXM Series

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