Warning Indication where Obstructions Limit Visibility

Material handling warehouse image

Application: Provide clear indication of pedestrian presence in a high-traffic forklift area

Challenges: Reduced visibility on forklifts and throughout the area 

Solution: EZ-LIGHT® K70 Wireless Indicator Lights

Benefits: High-visibility wireless indicator is easy to see and offers tremendous flexibility in deployment


In an automotive assembly plant forklifts often carry large loads that are difficult to see around. In high traffic areas, gates are used to restrict foot traffic and protect staff.


A K70 Wireless Indicator Light is installed in a position that is visible to the forklift driver, even if the forklift is carrying a large load. When a person opens the gate, the input from a proximity sensor is mapped to the wireless K70. The K70 will flash red, alerting the driver to stop because a pedestrian has entered the high traffic area. After the pedestrian crosses, the K70 turns back to yellow, informing the driver to continue, but proceed with caution.

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