Case Stacker Inventory and Presence Detection

Case Stacker Inventory and Presence Detection Image

Application: Measure stack of flat boxes to assure always available and only one picked at a time

Challenges: Cases can be different colors or sheens

Solution: Banner LE550 laser sensor

Benefits: Accurate measurement regardless of color or sheen

Flat cases are lined up on case accumulator ready to be picked up to go through the formation process. A solution is needed to validate the thickness of flat cases and ensure there are enough lined up to keep the manufacturing process going as quickly and smoothly as possible. The solution also needs to help ensure that only one case is picked up at a time to avoid errors.


The two point teach option on the analog setting can be used teach the front of the flat cases as the 20 mA point and can easily be adjusted for a manual set of the 4 mA to the end of the cases. This helps gauge how many flat cases are left, so more cases can be added when the case count is getting low.

The digital output can also be used for presence detection. This helps ensure there is a case available to be picked up, and also ensures only one box is picked up at a time.

Banner’s LE550 is factory configured with a range of 100 to 1000 mm and can start measuring immediately. If the range needs to be adjusted, the laser sensor has an intuitive user interface with a two-line, eight-character display, making it easy to automatically or manually adjust settings.

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