Fluid Level Control in a Forming Tank

Fluid Level Control in a Forming Tank Image

Application: Controlling fluid level in a tank

Challenges: Washdown takes place at the end of each shift

Solution: T30U Ultrasonic Sensor

Benefits: The sensor is not affected by the washdown environment

To control the fluid level in a forming tank in a washdown environment


To create a ceramic form, a vacuum is applied to a ceramic fiber suspended in an aqueous solution. Float mechanisms are ineffective for level control because the fiber adheres to the float, rendering it inoperable.

Instead, a T30 UHPA ultrasonic sensor with pump in/pump out logic is used, with the power supply and 24 volt DC relay housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure behind the production line. The sensor is impervious to the washdown procedure conducted at the end of each shift.

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