Laser Sensors Measure Paper Rolls in a Range of Colors & Automatically Scale Output

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Customer Requirement: Paper roll measurement for tension control

Solution: L-GAGE® LE550 laser gauging sensors

Why Banner?

Color Insensitivity – Linear array imager sees dark and color saturated paper

Cost – Less expensive with superior linearity and repeatability than comparable sensors

Ease of Use – Comes fully scaled over its entire operational range out of the box

Customer Benefits

Improved Productivity – Reliable roll measurement and consistent output reduced machine downtime and product damaged by


Prior to being packaged, paper table coverings are unwound from large rolls and cut to size. Insufficient or excessive tension on the paper can damage the table coverings, making them unsellable. To maintain the proper level of tension, the unwind speed needs to increase proportionately to the shrinking size of the roll. 

A manufacturer of table top products offers paper table coverings in many styles and in a broad pallet of colors. Because of their immunity to variations in color, ultrasonic sensors were used to take continuous measurements of each roll’s diameter and regulate unwind speeds. Gusts of air passing through the production area caused measurement errors which led to disproportionate unwind speeds.

Product losses and downtime prompted the company to seek an alternate solution. In testing, optical sensors were unaffected by the gusts, but darker colored table coverings were difficult for the sensors to measure, resulting in incorrect outputs.


After a convincing demonstration, the company chose Banner’s L-GAGE® LE550 laser gauging sensors to replace the ultrasonic sensors on their winders.

Like the optical sensors, the LE550 is unaffected by drafts in the facility. Unlike the optical sensors, the LE550 is color insensitive. Linear array technology enables the LE550 to measure each roll, regardless of paper color, even colors that had most challenged the optical sensors. The superior linearity, repeatability and resolution of the LE550 ensure reliable and consistent roll measurement and output.

Using the default settings, the company deployed the L-GAGE LE550 sensors throughout the facility without having to teach or scale the outputs. Out of the box, the LE550 automatically scales across its entire operational range, from 100 mm to 1000 mm. The LCD display provides real-time measurement and output information and makes it easy for the company to assign set points and output levels.

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