Level Monitoring On Rotary Filler System

Level Monitoring on Rotary Filler System Image

Application: Monitor fill level of beverages

Challenges: High-speed rotary filler system

Solution: SureCross Wireless System

Benefits: Eliminates need for slip rings on the rotary filler

To prevent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls and ensure consistent, quality products, beverage producers must accurately measure fill levels during the bottling process. Because rotary filler systems run at high speeds, any slip rings or wiring used to measure fill lines experience accelerated wear and tear.


Banner’s SureCross wireless system can easily transmit temperature, pressure and fill levels to a local PLCs. The wireless system will seamlessly alert operators if bottling is occurring below the desired fill level. This helps prevent errors and leads to greater consistency in bottled beverages.

Consistent fill levels mean no recalls—and no wasted products. Using a wireless system also eliminates the need for slip rings on the rotary filler, which in turn reduces maintenance costs. Banner’s SureCross wireless system helps bottlers ensure quality and reduce overall costs due to wasted products and repairs.

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