Long-Range Position Detection

Long-Range Position Detection Image

Application: Monitoring location of a storage retrieval shuttle

Challenges: Shuttle can be a long distance away from sensor

Solution: LT7 Series Long Range Laser Measurement Sensor

Benefits: Sensing range up to 250 m

To instantly measure the location of an automated storage and retrieval shuttle, to track its position


In a warehouse, the time-of-flight L-GAGE LT7 laser sensor gauges the position of a retrieval shuttle as far as 250 m away from the sensor.

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LT7 Series 250 m Range Time-of-Flight Sensor
LT7 Series 250 m Range Time-of-Flight Sensor

The LT7 uses advanced "time-of-flight" technology for precise, long-distance gauging with ranges up to 250 m.

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